State Department: Assad Using Crematorium to Hide Mass Murders

Assad and Mass Murders

Assad and Mass MurdersNo one should be surprised by the fact that Assad used chemical weapons on his people. After all, this is a man who has no issues conducting mass murders.

Now, Assad has constructed a large crematorium near the Saydnaya Military Prison to hide his mass murders carried out at the prison, reports CNN.

The State Department believes a mass crematorium is directly next to the prison. Satellite images show what appears to be a crematorium to the right of the prison. State officials believe the crematorium is used to dispose of thousands of prisoners that are taken into the facility and executed, reports The Washington Post.

50 Prisoners Executed per Day

It’s estimated that 50 prisoners per day are executed. Some prisoners endure mass hangings, and the prison itself is known as a human slaughterhouse. Thousands of Syrians have been abducted, sent to the prison, and never heard from again. Instead, they are exterminated with extreme prejudice.

President Bashar al-Assad has been given unconditional support from Iran and Russia. Now the State Department is calling on these supporters to consider stopping their assistance due to the extreme punishments and atrocities carried out in Syria.

Russia and Iran are not involved in the mass murders or the crematorium, but they provide support to Assad in the current Syrian conflict.

Previously, international communities assumed that these bodies were buried in mass graves, but the crematorium gives the regime a way to cover up their mass murders and leave behind little evidence of the crimes, says NBC News.

The information regarding the crematorium was declassified and given to humanitarian organizations and the intelligence community. Assad’s former documentarian shared more than 10,000 photos of the victims, their bodies, and the facility.

Crematorium is Not a Surprise to Some

While part of the world is shocked at Assad’s use of a crematorium, many are not. Many non-government organizations and human rights groups have claimed that Assad has been abducting and murdering 65,000 to 117,000 Syrians from 2011 to 2015 as part of the bloody civil war.

Prisoners are moved in the middle of the night from their cells, and are told they are going to a new facility. They are taken to the grounds of the prison, where they are hanged. Most do not realize their fate until it is too late. Many prisoners have been subject to torture, extreme beatings, and overcrowded conditions.

Most of the atrocities performed by Assad are documented, but state officials believe the use of the crematorium might cover up hundreds of more deaths and mass murders.

The photos of the Syrian regime’s evil has gone on with support by Iran and Russia alike. The United States military has not yet confirmed if they will take action against the crematorium.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov met in Washington to discuss numerous issues, including Syria. The Russian government indicates that they are interested in finding a solution to the Syrian conflict. However, the United States holds firm that any settlement must pay heed to the mass murders conducted in the country.

Russia holds influence over Assad. So, many urge Russia to use that power to stop such atrocities against the Syrian people. The killing has gone on in the country too long, and Russia as well as the United States both know that it must end.

Since the conflict erupted in 2011, estimates show more than 400,000 have died.

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