Nonsmokers Getting Extra Time-Off to Compensate for Co-Workers’ Smoke Breaks

Office workers on smoke break

Office workers on smoke breakA Japan-based marketing company agreed to give nonsmokers extra paid vacation days to compensate for the other employees’ smoke breaks. Piala Inc. started giving the extra time-off in September after its nonsmoking staff complained that they were working longer.

A spokesperson for the company said that it all started when one of the nonsmokers working at the firm underlined that smoke breaks are problematic. The CEO overheard the message and agreed that nonsmokers should be compensated with extra time-off.

In the U.S. non-smoking workers agree that they should get extra time-off to make up for their co-workers smoking habits. In a recent poll, 80 percent of American adults who do not smoke said they wanted at least one extra paid vacation day. The poll was conducted by HaloCigs and involved over 1,000 people.

Survey’s Findings

The survey also found that smokers and nonsmokers are highly divided about smoke breaks. About 81% of adult smokers replied that smoking breaks are just a “fair” thing to do. More than 75% of nonsmoking workers complained about the unfairness of the breaks.

Also, 38.2% of smokers said that their nonsmoking colleagues should not get any extra vacation days. Around 17% said nonsmokers should get up to two extra days off.

In addition, 28% of smoking workers believe their nonsmoking colleagues should get between 3 and 5 extra vacation days. A little over 16% said nonsmokers should have six extra days off or more.

Nonsmokers called for extra time off in larger numbers. Around 80% called for at least one extra day off. Only 19.9% said they don’t want to be compensated at all.

In the United States, 37.8 million Americans are smokers, CDC reports show. A separate study revealed that smoke breaks result in $156 billion losses in productivity annually.
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