Here Are the Most Popular Dietary Fads in 2018

Healthy salad and garlic bread

Healthy salad and garlic breadTime magazine has found what are the most popular dietary fads this year. According to the magazine, readers are fond of the Dash Diet, Mediterranean diet, TLC diet, MIND diet, Flexitarian Diet, Volumetrics, and Weight Watchers.

DASH diet is a diet that seeks to keep blood pressure in check and it involves reducing salt intake primarily. DASH stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension.

The MIND diet seeks to postpone cognitive decline and keep the brain in top shape. The TLC (Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes) diet wants to reduce unhealthy cholesterol levels with a mix of exercise, diet, and sometimes medication. Just like the DASH and MIND diets, TLC is a food group restricted diet.

It is worth noting that dietary fads may look different but some of them are basically the same. For instance, there are diets that restrict calorie intake. This prevents the body from storing excess fat and prompts it to start burning stored fats to promote weight loss.

Some Diets are Better than Others

Calorie-restricted diets are usually good in the short run, because they do what they claim to do. But depriving the body of the amount of food it was used to leads to a slower metabolic rate. This means that over time the fat burning process slows down.

The phenomenon also explains the so-called yo-yo effect. As dieters return to their normal diet, their body tends to store fat more rapidly as the metabolism has slowed down. Also, these diets often lead to ample food cravings and mood swings which prompts people to quit dieting after a while.

Also, another group of diets is the food group limited one. Some diets include or exclude some types of foods to promote weight loss, heart health and so on. For instance, there are diets that exclude meat, dairy, carbohydrates, or added sugar.

Other diets seek to include more food groups like fruit and vegetables, protein, or fish. Some of these diets can be quite dangerous especially when they focus too much on a particular food group like meat (protein) and exclude fruits and carbohydrates.
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