Miami Could Be Underwater Sooner than Expected, Experts

Miami beach

Miami beachExperts concerned about sea level rising in coastal areas expect high-risk places like the Miami-Dade County to be underwater by 2100 as the pace of sea rising has accelerated.

According to a study that appeared this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the speedy melting pace of the ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica is feeding sea level rising across the globe.

The study claims that currently the world’s oceans are engulfing land at a 0.003-inch faster rate every year. Even though the number may not seem much, in a century, the small numbers stack up.

Lead author Steve Nerem of the University of Colorado, Boulder, noted that his team’s findings challenge previous consensus on the sea level rise, which stated that oceans are rising just a tenth of an inch every year.

Low-Lying Locations Could Be Underwater by 2100

The new research implies that the pace will accelerate to half an inch annually by the end of the century. In other words, by 2100, sea levels would add an extra 26 inches when compared to today’s levels. This means that the past projections were wrong about a constant rate.

Nerem also said that climate change skeptics may challenge predictions about a sea level rise because changes are quite small. “That’s changing,” the researcher added. He believes that, at the turn of the century, travelers will be able to visit a beach and find it gone a decade or two later.

Study authors insisted that their projection is “conservative”. If the planet’s ice sheets suffer a quick dynamical shift, the rates of sea level rising could accelerate even more. In other words, the 0.003 inch-per-year projection could become the low-end number.

The latest study was based on two decades’ worth of satellite data and factored in extreme weather events and volcanic eruptions that may influence the study’s outcome.
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