African Anomaly Tied to Earth’s Magnetic Pole Flip

African giraffe and tree

African giraffe and treeA magnetic pole flip has made many people anxious about its effects on modern civilization. Doomsday scenarios included compasses that would point south, a global blackout, and most electrical devices taken out of service.

New hints from archeological sites in Africa may point when the flip will happen. Researcher Vincent Hare claims that the changes in the magnetic field noticed in recent decades could help calculate the approximate date of a magnetic switch.

Researchers reported that they found an anomaly in the core-mantle boundary in Africa which may affect the planet’s magnetic poles. There is a region between Zimbabwe and Chile where the magnetic field is the weakest and continues to lose strength as years go by. The anomaly was dubbed the South Atlantic Anomaly.

Study authors underlined that a magnetic flip had happened multiple times in the planet’s history, which means that the flips are part of a larger pattern. Scientists added that it is to early to claim that we are heading to a full pole reversal as the media has said in recent years.

Magnetic Pole Reversal Could Take Millennia

Fearmongers claim that a full flip would damage the high-tech satellites around our planet. However, scientists believe that the next flip will not occur earlier than the next 2,000 years.

What’s more, a magnetic pole switch will not happen instantly. It would need several hundred years to complete, which will give humanity plenty of time to prepare.

NASA too denied the reports that a magnetic flip would knock down power grids overnight as erroneous. NASA researchers assured the public in 2012 that a flip would need plenty of time on a geological scale.

Also the drifting north pole could suddenly change direction during a reversal, so a flip is not predictable as doomsday fans claim.
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